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    CY3280-MBR3 CapSense® MBR3  doubt

       Hey guys i am interfacing arduino board with capsense MBR3.My task invovles as follows can anybody just  give me an idea as to how to go about:


      if proximity detect--->disable proximity sensor and associated led on kit---->do some operation--->again enable proximity sensor

          tried this piece of code(everything else works fine buttontouch is detected and proximity too is detected )   
           Wire.beginTransmission(SLAVE_ADDR);transmit to device #0x37   
          I cant disable my proximity sensor   :(    
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           You mean  disable sensor itself ?


          You must write to register 0x26 of MBR to set the sensor config to proximity or button.By writing 00 to this register,Sensor configured as button only.


          If you want to disable the sensor itself, you must write to 0x00 register.Please look into the MBR3 register TRM



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            Can you please explain why u want to disable proximity sensor and the associated LED? This will help us to suggest other approaches to solve your problem.


            Please note that, to disable the proximity sensor you have to


            1. Write to the corresponding bits in PROX_EN register and SENSOR _EN register with a value of 0.


            2. After writing to the register, you have to issue a Save to flash command and reset the device by writing to CMD_OP_CODE register.


            After the device resets, the sensor will be calibrated for optimum performance. During the time when device is calibrating the sensor, if the finger is on or near the proximty sensor, then the sensor will be calibrated to non optimal value.





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               thanks a lot for  the replies,chey my application is that when I get my hand close to the kit  the proximity sensor is enable now next my operation consists  the user pressing the capsense button (here I need to disable the proximity sensor)  


              Ok chey from your reply I must have to issue a Save to flash command and reset the device by writing to CMD_OP_CODE register thats what I am missing right

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                I am sorry for the late response. For your application, you need not disable the proximity sensor to detect finger touch. In MBR3 a proximity sensor has 2 threshold: 1. Proximity Threshold (Base_Threshold 0x0C) 2. Proximity Touch Threshold (PROX_TOUCH_TH0  0x2A).


                When proximity is detected, you can check the status of PROX_STAT register for event detection. Similarly, when touch is detected on the proximity sensor, you can check BUTTON_STAT register to check for touch status.


                I hope this explanantion helps to solve your problem.


                Note: Reconfiguring the proximity sensor to make it work as a button sensor is not a recommended functionality.



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                  Empty prior post ?