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    CapSense Tuner with PSOC4014?



      I'm currently designing a PCB to use CapSense with a 16-pin QFN PSOC 4000, the CY8C4014LQI-421.


      For better tuning at a later point I want to make sure that I can use the Capsense Tuner which I tried out with the eval kit. Do I have to consider anything special to use the tuner afterwards?


      For example: I will use the progKit3 to program and debug the PSOC. Will I be able to communicate with the CapSense tuner over the SWD-Interface by using the EZI2C-Module in the topdesign? Or do I have to connect to the SDA/SCL Pins of the PSOC and use them for the tuner?


      THanks for any help in advance!




      Kind regards,