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    Driving an OLED display, using Character LCD Component


      I have been working with PSoC4 for some time, driving a standard 2 line by 16 char LCD display, using the Character LCD Component which contains routines for the Hitachi 44780 interface.  This works perfectly, with no problems.

      I have now bought an OLED character display from Winstar, model WEH002002ACPP5N00001, which is a 2 line by 20 char display.  This has the same pins as the LCD module, and when I hook it up and use the same code as for LCD, it ALMOST works.  It displays the output, but all on one line and with line wrapped to the wrong position.  So clearly it is not far from working properly.

      In spite of much searching through the datasheet I cannot fathom how to get it to work fully.  Does anyone know of code that has been written for such OLED displays, or how the Character LCD Component code could be modified to work with this display ?

      I should mention that on the web I have seen comments that the Hitachi HD44780 controller and the Winstar OLED Controller are VERY close.  Also, I have come across comments about various jumpers on the module board that can be moved to set it up for different operation modes, but am reluctant to start experimenting with these without knowing what I'm doing.

      If anyone can offer advice I will be very grateful.

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