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    SDCard to log gps co-ordinates, time and temperature sensor output


      I am new to PSoC4. I am trying to interface GPS http://www.progin.com.tw/mr87_en.htm with PSoC4.
      I got an example at http://www.element14.com/community/message/141760/l/re-psoc-4-pioneer-kit-community-project089-gps-example#141760 . I have studied it and it works well now. The problem with it is, it shows only Longitude or Latitude or Time at one time. The output actually depends on "State" global variable in the program

      uint8 State=GO_LATITUDE;
      //uint8 State=GO_LONGITUDE;
      //uint8 State=TIME;

      Now I want to interface SD Card to log the GPS co-ordinates: Longitude, Latitude, Time and temperature sensor (LM35)output in excel sheet (or Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values File (.csv) ). I have tried the example of SD Card at http://www.element14.com/community/thread/25517/l/psoc-4-pioneer-kit-community-project050-sd-card-example , but it actually causes file system to format.

      Any help will be appreciated.


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