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    Using Op-Amps correctly in PSoC

      Hello all,


      I have specified the following circuit (see image attached) in PSoC Creator. I have selected a PSoC 3 device (CY8C3866AXI-040).


      I wonder if someone at the forum can help me answering some questions:


      (1) What's wrong with this circuit?


      (2) Why can I not use resitors freely in combination with the provided op-amps in a PSoC device?


      (3) Are the op-amp components using a positve and negative power supply, e.g. +VSS and -VSS by default?


      (4) What does the: "Opamp_1.Vminus" connected to signal "Net_13" have mismatching types. Error message mean?


      If anyone has any suggestions on the correct way to implement this circuit in PSoC please let me know, any information would be greatly appreciated,