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    USB3 Protocol Analysers



      Would anyone recommend a  USB3 Protocol Analyser for debugging the SuperSpeed bus. I've seen analysers from TotalPhase and LeCroy but its hard to know if these are a sutiable. I've used a USB 2 analyser in the past and this was very helpful in identifying and solving problems.





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          Can't really recommend because all of them have their own significant feature, also the manufacturers have different products based on capture capability needed as well


          Just listing my experience with USB analyzers


          Lecroy has a good GUI, you hover over it and it tells you what is wrong, you can decode and see the value obtained and the value that should have been sent


          Ellysis opens window panes and exposes the data so I find it easier for comparing data also


          Haven't used totalphase much but I like the fact that it often groups based on class based protocol by itself





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            Hi Anand,


            Thanks for your reply. I've used the Ellisys for USB 2 and found the user interface intuitive and easy to set up. However their USB 3 analyser is expensive as it  is also a USB 3 exerciser and can generate USB 3 traffic as well as analyse it. With the Beagle USB  5000 from TotalPhase the USB traffic can be displayed in real time and this may be of  benefit.



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              Today I was on a workshop done by Lecroy with the topic USB 2.0 / 3.0 protocol and physical layer analyzing. The Voyager seems to be very easy to setup and use. With the traffic generator you are able to perform all protocol compliance tests by USB IF.

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                I somehow like that GUI of Lecroy a lot. You can play around with it and even find out what was transmitted at the bit/signalling level.







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                  :D I think, this is also the situation with the LeCroy scopes. Once you have worked with them, you never want another...

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                    Hey everyone.


                    Resuming an old thread.Can i get some pointers on the available usb3.0 analyzers for a Linux Host.