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    HELP! PSoC 3 on Custom PCB Interfacing with Ultrasonic Sensor (ADC), UART, and Putty



      I am a complete newbie to PSoC 3, so I apologize in advance for my ignorance and if I have no provided the necessary information. I have successfully created a custom printed circuit board for the PSoC 3 AXI-040 for a course that I am taking. I would like to figure out how to display the ADC readings from an Ultrasonic sensor (that is hardwired to my custom PCB) and display these readings to Putty (or something else?) through UART so that I can interpret/debug my ultrasonic sensor code while connected to my PCB.


      I did something similar last semester using the PSoC 4 Dev Kit, where the flex sensor readings from the ADC were sent via UART to a Putty window. But again, this was on the dev kit and not a custom PCB. Still, it made my life so much easier for debugging/tuning the code so that I could send accurate information to the actuators. I need to do something very similar again this semester, but I have no idea where to start since I am using a custom printed circuit board and MiniProg3. 


      I already wrote the ultrasonic sensor code using the PSOC 3 dev kit and had it display the ADC values to the LCD so that I could verify that the sensor is working correctly. My next step is to move to my custom printed circuit board and make sure that the ultrasonic sensor is working on it. The best way for me to do this is to have it display the values from the ADC through a terminal window like Putty. Using the MiniProg3 and the PSoC Programmer IDE, I have managed to successfully program the chip using the code for the sensor. Or at least it says it was successful. I have also programmed the chip on my PCB using PSoC Creator. It also said it was successful. The problem is, I have no idea if it is actually working on my custom PCB since I cannot see any sort of output from the sensor (custom PCB does not have LCD connections, so I can't use that). Additionally, I have no way of further debugging my code (when I incorporate the sensor with machine vision and actuators) since I cannot see what the ADC readings are for the sensor.


      So, how can I display the values from the ultrasonic sensor (ADC) to Putty or something else through UART? Or is there some other way that this can be achieved that I don't know about? I am getting concerned because I have read a lot online that states that it is not possible to do this since the COM port for Putty is using the MiniProg 3 already. Is this true? Is there no work around?


      Thank you all for your time and assistance.