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    P3[1] of CY8C4245AXI-483 always High Z



      I've got a small mystery that I can't solve.   


      No matter what I do, I can not set P3[1] pin 12 as an output low.  I thought the IC may be damaged, but the same problem shows up on a new board.


      To test, I created a blank project, created a slow toggling PWM, and connected the output of the PWM to a pin that sinks current to a LED P3[4], and the same PWM output to P3[1].    


      The LED blinks and has a strong high / low output, but P3[1] is high z.   


      P3[2] and P3[3] are the debug pins.  P3[1] is just to the left of these two debug ports and P3[4] is just to the right.   


      Having the 10-pin MiniProg3 connected or physically removed doesn't affect it. 


      My C code has one line:  PWM_1_Start(); 


      Any suggestions?   Are there any errata that I've missed?