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    Help with clearing UART interrupt


      I have an external interrupt attached to the SCB UART2 (PSOC 4200)


      The interrupt is external and using the buffer size of 8.


      The only interrupt flag I have enabled in the component is RX FIFO NOT EMPTY 


      I am having trouble understanding the correct syntax to clear the interrupt when it is fired.


      I want to interupt on each incoming byte an dpop it into a buffer (the code method works fine on PSOC 5LP).


      Here is my interrupt routine, once triggered, I get correct data in the buffer but the interrupt flag never cxlears and program stays inside the int routine forever.


      Any help much appreciated. Once again, variables are volatile and I have looked at several posts on Cypress but cannot understand how to clear the int. If there are more than 1 byte in buffer, do I need to explicitly read them all out or can the Clear FIFO API do this???




        uint16 rec_data;
        uint32 intsrc;


        rec_data = Uart2_UartGetByte();


         intsrc = Uart2_GetInterruptCause();


         if(rec_data < 0x0100){  //no errors if MSB = 0




              case state_IDLE : 


                        RF.Mode = state_RECEIVING;


        RF.DataBytes = 0;


              case state_RECEIVING : 


        RF.Buf[RF.DataBytes++] = (uint8) rec_data;


        if(RF.DataBytes > (RF_MAXPACKETSIZE-1)) RF.Mode = state_IDLE;