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    CY7C67300 USB Host and Device Questions

      I have a question about CY7C67300 after going through the data sheet.


      1. I would like to use CY7C67300 in co-processor mode with HPI port interface. I need two Host ports and One device ports. I was planning to use port 1A as peripheral and ports 2A and 2B as Hosts. In this configuration what does the OTGID pin have to be tied to +3.3V or GND or left floating as I intend to use that port as a peripheral. Also is this configuration valid to use meaning port 1A as peripheral and 2A and 2B as hosts.


      2. Can I use GPIO pins to use as Enable input to a USB Power Switch to provide 500mA current and use the FLAG output from the USB power switch back into CY7C67300 to check for over current situations.


      3. I came across some other application note from Cypress about HPI port and I am confused by one statement I found in it. It stated that BIOS will not configure port 1A or 2AS in co-processor mode. What does this imply? How else would I configure port 1A as peripheral and port 2A as host?