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    Program runs in SDK 1.0.1, has problems in SDK 1.1.0

      Using the 732S module and basing the code from the hello_sensor example, we are finding that when moving from 1.0.1 to 1.1.0 our code does not work as before.


      Namely, after program download and reset, the program hangs and the timers and push button interrupts do not work. With more tinkering, we found that if we included the devlpm_enableWakeFrom(DEV_LPM_WAKE_SOURCE_GPIO) function in the create, the button interrupts would now work and each button press would kick off a single timer count.


      Some notes and observations: (not sure if all are related)

      - Our program uses all GPIO except for P8, P11, and P12.

      - This code works no problem on the TAG board in 1.1.0 but not on our custom board using the module. (i.e. the timer outputs every second and fine counter whatever interval is set)

      - I2C does not work anymore in 1.1.0 but does in 1.0.1.

      - devlpm_enableWakeFrom(DEV_LPM_WAKE_SOURCE_GPIO);
      - Observed a lower current draw from battery in 1.1.0 (5mA to ~1mA) with same code.


      I am thinking it may be a mix of GPIO, hardware, and sleep configuration conflicts, but am not sure.


      I have attached the boot debug traces. i did a checkdiff against the debug traces from 1.0.1 and the only thing that is different with is the bd_addr is different.


      Is anybody able to help shed light on this situation?

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          Hello Mochi,


          Please try to modify the firmware by doing the following

          1. Create a CSG file inside the application folder named app.csg with the content below:
          2. Modify with the code below:

            ENTRY "PMU Crystal Warm up Time"
               "Crystal warm up time" = 5000
            Note that the default Crystal warm up time is 2500. By increasing this to 5000 this will resolve the issue.


             3.  Add the following line to makefile.inc in the same folder:
                  GS_LIST += $(DIR)/app.cgs


          This modification will allow the Crystal warm up time to be adjusted only in SDK 1.1 and was NOT enabled in version 1.0.1.


          Please visit the link below for a similar explanation of this issue:


          Re: BCM20732S module keeps crashing


          Let us know if this fixed the issue.



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            Hi JT,


            Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. It seems that the FW is running as expected right now.


            For some reason though.. I could not get it to work the way it was instructed (make app.cgs file and alter the makefile). It would overwrite to default settings. Instead, I just went into Wiced-Smart/tier2/brcm/(appname)/bld folder to change the cgs file there.

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