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    About load file into the EEPROM

      Good afternoon all,


      Can anyone please tell me how to load .iic file into the EEPROM which is used in xilinx platform cable usb ii?


      We tried for loading sample .iic file into EEPROM using control center but the cypress device not detected by this application.


      There is any other method to load program into EEPROM?

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          Please don't create new threads for same issue. Continue in the previous one itself http://www.cypress.com/?app=forum&id=167&rID=110686




          Did you try manually binding the device to cypress drivers?







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            yes, we binded the device with cypress drivers. We want to load a new file into the EEPROM, can you please tell me the software for this.







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               After bindin can you see the device without any warning mark(in yellow)?




              If it is binded properly then you see the device in control centre.




              Do the following




              1)Right click on the device and see the driver details .Check whether it binded with Cypress drivers or not.


              2) if it is binded with cypress drivers and not shown in control center then Use USBLYZERa free software and see the device in that. Check the descriptors in the software. See if it is showing any error in the descriptors.




              if you can see the device in control centre then use this control centre to program.Refer user guide of Cy3684 to know the details about programming the device.