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    Problem connecting Android to PSoC4 BLE

       Hi all, I just purchased a Pioneer Kit, and started testing basic connection between the PSoC4 BLE and my laptop and phone.


      The connection with the usb dongle was fine, and i could use the CapSense Slider of the board to see how the dongle's blue led glows and fade.


      But when i try to connect the PSoC with my android phone, i cannot stablish a connection.


      If I use the Android native bluetooth settings, i can see the PSoC as "BLE Slider and LED", but the connection get refused with the following warning: "Couldn’t pair with BLE Slider and LED because of an incorrect PIN or passkey."


      So I decided to use the CySmart app, but still the same problem.






      and finally I get the following error "Cannot connect to device"


      What am I doing wrong? I'm using a BQ Aquaris E4.5 with Android 4.4.2 version, so bluetooth low energy should be supported by the system API.

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          Which version of Cysmart and PSoc creator  are you using?




          Is it happening with only this example or with all project?




          Can you try with BLE_HID_KEYBOARD project?







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            For the android app I'm using CySmart


            Regarding the desktop software, i'm using PSoC Creator 3.1 SP1 (, so i think software is up to date.


            When I first unpacked the kit, i made the connection between psoc and dongle with the default firmware and project that the psoc had, and it worked fine with the dongle.


            But when then I tried to connect the psoc to the android phone the connection failed. So I decided to load a PSoC Creator project in the psoc. Thus I opened the PSoc Creator and then opened the PSoC_4_BLE_CapSense_Slider_LED example project, builded it and programed into the psoc. Again, the connection with the dongle worked fine, but the connection with android phone failed again.


            I just tried the BLE_HID_Keyboard project. I loaded it in the psoc, and in android CySmart app it appears as BLE Keyboard, but again, it's impossible to connect it :/

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              The current version of Creator is 3.1 SP2.




              There were BLE component and project updates. See the release notes


              after you do the install, Creator, Help, Documentation.




              Regards, Dana.

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                1) Make sure that your mobile supports bluetooth low energy.




                In your mobile specifications i don't see thats it supports LE









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                   It may support Low Energy, because yesterday i was with a friend, and i could connect my phone to his xiaomi mi band.


                  I think that maybe android requires a passkey to pair with the psoc, and owin to the default CapSense project doesn't use any kind of security, maybe android doesn't accept the connection, because it is expecting a passkey that the psoc doesn't send.


                  I tried to open the BLE settings on the project and select Passkey in the Security window, but doesn't appear any space to introduce the passkey, so I will study how to implement the passkey with code, and will try it.

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                     Hi ,




                    When using the passkey PSOC device has to display the passkey. Displyaing the passkey in the project is not implemented.




                    When you select the option "no input and no output" phone should ask for the passkey or display a window asking to enter the passkey. 




                    Initailly did you modify any things in the project?







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                       Finally it works!


                      The problem was the example projects of the start page. The Capsense slider wasn't working, but i tried with the example projects of "File > Example Project..." that came when you use the "BLE" keyword filter, and the Speed_Cadence and Battery projects were working fine with my android phone, so I think it is settled.




                      Just for the future people that could be in my situation, you should update the default project that is loaded in the psoc when you adquire the kit, so you could test it out of the box without needing to load any new project in the psoc.




                      Anyway, thanks for the answers, and hope that i can learn a lot of psoc development :)

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                        The initial loaded project is (and should be) a project that uses the kit's supplied material. When that project will not work there might be the chance of faulty hardware which is very rare, since all has been fabric-tested.


                        Problems in connecting the kit's hardware to external devices might be caused by many different sources: connection, drivers, capabilities, versions and many more. Most of these problems have to be solved externally, so it is not a bad start to have verified functional hardware as the the cypress equipment.