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    Cy8c-kit 042 - labView serial interface




          i am using cy8C-kit 042 BLE for collecting sensor data and recieving it using a PC through USB dongle and CySmart PC application. 


      The data sent is received in hex format in CySmart. I was looking for the following things:


      1. Can we log the data from CySmart continuously in some file (excel) located in the PC? (We have the option of "save log" in CySmart, in which we can extract the required data and copy it to another file manually. I was looking for something which could automatize this procedure)


      2. Another way to recieve this information is using LabView Visa by making the USB as virtual serial port. I tried doing that but I encounter problems. Does anyone have experience with making such a program?


      3. Does cy8c-kit o42 BLE has labView drivers?


      Any help is really appreciated! Thanks in advance!




      Anupama Kulkarni