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    cy68013a: Question about SPT file when sign the driver



        when I used cy68013a in my product ,i modifed the CYUSB3.inf file used my own PID and VID, i used two PIDs to enable the device to execute a script file when start-up, then I try to sign the driver, and the below error occured:


        "MyDeviceLoad.spt in [MyDeviceLoad.file.ext] is missing from [SourceDisksFiles] section in \MyDevice.inf; driver may not sign correctly until this resolved;"


        So i modified MyDevice.inf file as below:




      MyDevice.sys = 1


      MyDeviceLoad.spt = 1




         Then i signed my driver suceesfully.


          I wonder when I changed the SPT file in my driver, will the sign became invalid?