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    Joshua 1 Systems Announces SAK-PROTO and HY28B Adapter

      We discussed this a while back ....




      Where on this website can we announce PSoCentric hardware products? Robyn and others post entries to their blogs on products they review.




      A few minutes ago we released initial information on our j1Pub Component Library. This is a gift to the PSoC community.




      We also are announcing our first two PSoCentric hardware products available for immediate order.




      SAK-PROTO - a versatile PSoC 5LP development board that includes a 2.8" TFT LCD w/Touch, microSD, microUSB and many user defined I/O pins.




      HY28B Adapter - the same 2.8" TFT LCD w/Touch module adapted to replace the Character LCD on a PSoC 5LP Development board. Other uses, such as connecting to other boards via a ribbon cable, can be implemented.




      Complete information and pricing is available in the PSoCentric section of our website. Cruise over and take a look.