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    PSOC 4 element14 100 projects


      Might be useful for some people, attached a list with URLs of


      the PSOC 4 element14 100 day 100 projects list.




      Regards, Dana.

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           Thanks for sharing this with the community





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            Praveen, are you just trolling the forums to make up a


            posting count to satisfy some management mandate ?


            You are not going to go back to 2001 when the forums


            were started making posts of questionable value one






            Your expertise actually helping people would be of much


            greater value than posts like these.




            Regards, Dana.

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              That is a good point and raises a good question - why such a dearth of Cypress employees on the forum?  You would think if they wanted to push this product, they would be out in force helping people out with technical questions, coming up with new components, taking surveys of what components/features their actual users were looking for, etc.  


              I would love to see a part of the Cypress team coming up with components for new sensors, displays, and popular ICs.  I almost walked away from this product but for the very engaged help of a few non-employees who walked me through some technical questions.


              Any Cypress employees out there to answer this?


              Great product, could use some more interaction.


              Thank you,

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                This is the "Cypress Developer Forum" and I have been told that there was a "rule" that help by a Cypress engineer should only drop in when the community was not able to solve that problem in a reasonable time.


                The Cypress software department has well enough to do with keeping up with all the new PSOc families and PSoC versions not to name the Creator version changes, enhancements and example projects. When you are in need of a driver for a sensor and you have a reasonable amount of PSoC order backing you, I would always suggest to contact Cypress directly be it a representative or by creating a "MyCase".


                When you "just" want a specific device connected to your development kit and you cannot get that to work, the CDC will be the fastes help-desk, many examples are waiting in our drawers and help is often nearby. Cypress offered us to build "Community Components" to solve some of the more common problems, but that was only rarely used and there are only a very few components built. I realy would like to see more of those...