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    how to debug with cy8ckit-059?


        I finally got a couple of the cy8ckit-059.  After updating the PSoC programmer, it says it is programming the LTI-LP097.


        It then says Debugging-running, but there is no "pause" enabled.


        I thought this was supposed to be a debugger also????  Or did I misunderstand?


        Also, once in this mode, you have to un-plug and re-plug to get PSoC creator to see it again.

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          I have definitively no difficulties to debug my -059 Kit. I am Using Creator 3.2 early access. Differently from your description I do not call the programmer but use Creator's internal debugger. Did you try one of the example projects?





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             I've decided to trash that VM and start over with a new one.


              One thing I've learned, the PSoC USB drivers are tempermental and if they don't load right, that particular debugger is useless forever.


               So, I'm starting over.  Will report in a few hours.

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                 Updated report:


                 The device programs and runs the code.


                 When click on the 'debug' toolbar button, the device fails to run the code.  Pressing reset on the 059 board causes the device to reboot and run the code.


                 So, with the latest update for PSoC, the CY8CKIT-059 cannot be debugged with a VM.  I'll see if the PSoC programmer is still working.


                I've not had this problem running a virtual machine before.  It is quite surprising.

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                 One more update.


                  PSoC MiniProg3 still is functional.  I was able to debug that exact project on a schmartboard using the miniProg3 after changing the device selected to the LP039.


                  Something screwy with the 059 system.


                Try #2


                  I programmed the target.  I then rebooted the board by unplugging/replugging.  Program running.  I then Attached to running target from the debug menu.


                  This error showed:


                Debugger exited unexpectedly during run. Encountered error (Program exited with error: The target device 'PPIO:KitProg/0F1D0D4B03234400:1' could not be found. See output window for more information.)

                    Try #3.  I unplug/replug the board.  Program is running.  Hit debug from the menu.  board reprograms, and communicates the debug information, then hangs.   
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                   Try #4.


                      Use hacksaw to cut into "perforated" part of board just enough to allow it to snap off.  (Wasn't snapping before this step.)


                      Solder header to board. Plug in MiniProg3.  Program and debug.  Debugging works!


                     Moral of the story: Sum Ting Wong!

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                       After several tests, I have come to the conclusion that the issue is *most likely* (not certain) that I am using a VM with VMWare, on a Macintosh.  In the debug mode, it loads the program, starts the run, but never gets notified that the breakpoint has been hit.


                      However, a MiniProg3 works well, so I suspect it is only a matter of timing.

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                      I am having the same issue. Have you ever resolved this?

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                        I updated to VMware Workstation, and there is no longer a problem.