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    UART to PC-Screen using the Pioneer Kit


      I stumbled recently over a document (chapter 5.2 pg 28) that describes as a side-effect how to connect the Pioneer Kit to the PC displaying informations using the UART component. The "secret" are two (2) wires connecting the UART Rx and Tx to the on-board PSoC5LP Kit-programmer which then acts as an UART-to-USB bridge. On the PC-side I used the PuTTY program to display (and input) the data. In the description of the F-Ram Development Kit is a detailled procedure to set up the connection and hints where to download the needed terminal program. Remember that you do not need the F-Ram Kit, just put the two wires into the shown locations and all is well.

      In short: drop a UART component on your sheet and use pins 0[4] and 0[5] for Rx and Tx
      Connect external wires on the board between
      J4 pin 1 ---Rx---- J8 pin 9
      J4 Pin 2 ---Tx---- J8 pin 10

      Download and install PuTTY as shown in the above mentioned document.


      Example project attached, happy coding!



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           Thanks for sharing this with the community





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            Since all that above information is already written down (including diagrams and photos) in some Cypress .pdf files: What do you think about Cypress making an application note out of that. This will probably help some more developers setting up their required environmemnt. Could at least be  much more better than a "Thank you.." to a two month old thread. ;-)





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              That doc was a great example to show how to hook up the pioneer kit and use Putty.  However I had a Nokia 5100 LCD that I wanted to put on J4 it took up all the pins.  I also wanted to TX  information to the PC.  After much review of all the specs I found out that you can put the RX and TX on any pin not otherwised by the PSOC Pioneer board.  So I hooked them up to P4_0 and P4_1 it works and no issues.  All you need to do is make sure you are not using one of the fixed pins.  I know these have pull up resistors on them but it doesn's seem to affect the data.  This design has been working for months and I am still able to program and run other designs on this board.  Do you have any issues with this?

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                I took the pins that were used in the photo in the mentioned document, so that everyone could start with something documented and tested. Of course you may use different pins or even different component types (UDB, software) to perform what you want but I didn't want to make it too complex for the first tries.