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    Development board



      I would like to ask you. I need to program the processor in the PSoC programming'm completely lost, and so I would be very grateful for all your help. I attach the datasheet development board ADRF 6850 according to which it is programmed.

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          "Normally" you would program using PSOC programmer (free software from Cypress)


          and a Miniprog3.




          www.cypress.com/psocsoftware/     Programmer Software




          www.cypress.com/     Miiprog3




          Regards, Dana.

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            Your header at J2 is the programmer interface and seems to fit to the ribbon-cable of the MiniProg3. Do you have got the C-sources or the hex-files for programming the PSoC?





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              danaaknight: Thanks for the links. I have downloaded everything, but the biggest problem is programming, which ever nerozuním and so I would ask for help in creation.


              Bob Marlowe: Thank you very much for your response. My job is to program this board for all the registers under this datasheeat. I think in the C programming language so that it could run in PSoC Creator. I would like to ask for your very help if you programmed it to me. Thank you very much for your help and sorry for my bad English.

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                So you have to write a C program which in turn will program the


                external part. ?




                Begs the question,. do you know how to program in C ? If not youtube and


                other web sites have many training programs you can look at and experiment






                If you know how to write C, there are a number of tutorials available at Cypress


                to use Creator design tool -




                video.cypress.com/video-library/     Search for "101" series.




                If you want to hire help CyPros - www.cypress.com/




                Regards, Dana.

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                   Dana: Thank you for references and advice. Unfortunately, I can program in C, so I make a plea for programming if you do not make the problem was I would be very grateful. Much are you asking for help.

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                    OK, Let us see if I understood you correctly:


                    You have got a schematic with the PSoC5 and the ADRF 6850 radio chip and want to get that to work.


                    Does the board already exist?


                    or is the pcb already fabricated?


                    Are you planning for a small series?


                    Have you got (or can you afford to buy) a MiniProg3


                    Did you already download and install PSoC Creator 3.1


                    Did you have a look into the video library explaining the usage of PSoCs, Creator and more?





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                       Bob: Thank you for your answer PCB I sent Wednesday to generation and programmer I'm ordering. Videos currently watching. PSoC 3.1 I also downloaded. My biggest problem is that they do not know what all the program and how to program it.

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                        I would suggest you to write yourself or get from your boss a "Functional Specifications Document" (FSD) that explains thoroughly what the board should perform, what is going to happen when the end-user pushes which button etc.


                        This document is essential, when it does not exist upcoming problems are pre-programmed, so insist on having one.


                        You can use a good-written FSD as comments or even pseudo-code in your program.





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                          "Unfortunately, I can program in C,"




                          Should this read "Unfortunately, I cannot program in C,........"




                          Are you a C programmer or not ?




                          Regards, Dana.

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                             In C program can not, but to create a program is needed. Therefore, I would like to ask you for help in creating a program. Please contact me at the e-mail poiuztrewq156@seznam.cz

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                              Thats why I gave you CY Pros link in prior post, so that


                              you could get help.




                              Generally speaking forum does not do product design en total,


                              mainly offers help on specific issues for designers. Maybe someone


                              else here can commit the time for you, or on a fee basis.




                              Regards, Dana.

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                                 Dana: I would like to ask you if you have already created similar programs. Enough would help me if I could peek into them.

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                                  The radio part has a SPI or I2C interface selection. So in PSOC


                                  Creator on its start page is a link "Find Example project" that


                                  you can use to open up an example project and look at. They


                                  are generic to interfacing serial to an external component.




                                  As an aside you can contact your local FAE and see if they can


                                  aid you, although normally FAEs are limited in how much time


                                  they can spend on custom,er design work.




                                  Regards, Dana.