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    Multi Channels for "Easy ADC to LCD" ?



      I have been trying to use two channels with this componet without any luck.


      Is this possable? 


      Thank you too the creator of this componet and anyone who is able to help.



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          Consider posting your project, makes life easier to troubleshoot.




          “File”                                                             Creator


          “Create Workspace Bundle”






          Regards, Dana.

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             Hi Dana,


            Thanks for replying so quickly.


            The project attached is using a single channel and works properly. The circuit senses a ref voltage that I than convert to amps using the provided transfer function feature. I would like to be able to do the same on at least on more channel using the output of the transfer function on channel "0" and apply it to channel "1" to compute a different function.


            I tried using a second ADC/LCD componet put received an error that sar_adc_1 already exists.


            Not sure where to go from there. I am going to try a few things but programming is not my thing. I know some basic C and can figure some things out if pointed in the right direction but kinda lost right now.


            Thanks again,



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              This component was created to "just" measure a voltage and display it on LCD. There are no provisions for increasing the number of channels. Even when changing the number of channels in the ADC component they will not get red-off automatically nor are they displayed on LCD.


              That were not yet the bad news, that are: You will need at least a bit of knowledge in C-programming (Not C++) and as a tip: Try to like it.


              There is an example project for PSoC4 named "ADC_Differential Preamplifier" which is more complex than you'd like, but you may delete the pre-amplifiers if you don't need/want them.


              The output is an UART, which you have to replace with... well, stop: Which Board are you using? a CY8CKit-049-42xx, a CY8CKit-042 or even the brand new CY8CKit-044?


              The very bad news is: none of them has got an LDC, so you will need to supply one yourself which might be difficult to connect and program.


              So: What board do you have?


              What LCD are you using (link to datasheet)?





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                Some thoughts -




                1) Need to address differential mode operation as Bob suggested.


                2) GetResult8, 16, 32, you really for the SAR only need 16 unless you plan


                on using component in a DelSig part.


                3) Selection to use/not use float, due to burden it causes on code space.


                If integer then sequence of operations in transfer function matters, eg.


                multiplies come first, then divides, wherever possible.




                Regards, Dana.

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                  Here is a program that does what you want.  It has 6 ADC channels but it does not use the easy ADC to LCD module library but it can give you some ideals on how to do multi channels on the ADC.  It was designed for the 4200 kit but I modified it for the PSOC 4 pioneer kit. The file is not downloading for some reason will try anouther computer.


                  Bob Goar

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                    Use dropbox.com, free, and post the share link.




                    Regards, Dana.

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                      lets try it from this computer. Here is the file again.  You will need Putty or some other term program to read the data on a computer.

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                         Thanks Everyone 


                        I'm using the -049-42xx. I will take a look at the projects mentioned. I'm using a 16x2 LCD from a C programming class a few years ago. I have it wired up and working. The single channel fuction is working as well with floating point which is needed I just need to figure out the best way / a way ... to be able to expand it. I will be getting the PSoC 5 -059 and a 20x4 LCD soon. This project is for reading, volts, amps, watts for portable radio equipment and is currently over 99% accurate to 4 decimal places over the tested range of 0 to 3 amps.Once this is finished I am doing one for various RF power and impedance readings. Putting the hardware together now for that. Building the circuits is no problem. The hardest part for me is going to be to get the data to the LCD and possably storage for averaging over extended time. Was thinking about using FRAM for that. I have a few chips I can wire in. The new LCD and FRAM are using I2C. Suppose that might be more than you want to read:) Thanks again. I will redo the project without the Easy ADC to LCD componet and see where that leads. I will post specific code / questions if I get stuck or if I get it working incase anyone is interested.


                        I read a post about vref for the ADC and different options. For my circuit the current sense PCB has a VCC at a steady 3.308v so I wired that up as an external ref which is working great.