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    ADC SAR SEQ StartConvert() blocking for no good reason


      I am really getting to my wits end.


      I have a design using the sequencing ADC in PSoC4.


      It has gotten into a state where the StartConvert API function appears to be blocking. If I include that function in the main code nothing after it will be executed.


      If I include it in a timer interrupt service routine it will block there too.


      If I include it in the main line of code in free-running mode, the ADC will carry on converting and I can see that the ADC ISR is updating sample values from a potentiometer to the PWM (driving an LED).


      If I configure the ADC as "Hardware triggered" and put the StartConvert in the main line of code it blocks still.


      This behavior does not seem right to me and appears to disagree with the API documentation for the SAR ADC in PSoC 4.


      Has anyone else had this issue? Any clues as to what I am doing wrong?


      Could it be an interrupt timing / latency issue?


      Any help or advice is appreciated.