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    Communication between iPhone and BLE Remote Control

      Dear experts,


      I recently received the CY5672 PRoC™ BLE Remote Control Reference Design Kit (RDK), see http://www.cypress.com/?rid=102638 for details, and now I’m evaluating if I can make it talk to my iPhone app.




      The problem is that iOS sees that the remote control exposes an HID service which iOS uses internally and therefore it filters it out from the list of discovered services that my app receives. Details in Apple’s Bluetooth design guidelines: https://developer.apple.com/hardwaredrivers/BluetoothDesignGuidelines.pdf




      My use case would not require my hardware to be compatible with anything except my app and therefore I’m looking to change something about the remote control RDK example project that makes the HID service incompatible with the HID Over GATT Profile (HOGP).




      Do you think it would work if I change the UUID of the HID service from the standard value of 0x1812 to some custom value?




      But how can I do that?




      I have already tried that by going into the BLE component in the TopDesign editor and exporting, modifying, and re-importing various profiles. The problem I’ve always had is that afterwards, there were compiler errors referencing missing source code files in the CyBle module.




      What do I need to do to get a working project with the modifications that I need?




      Or maybe you’ve got a better idea how I can get the remote control to talk to my iOS app? (I need to access the streaming voice data from the remote’s microphone.)




      Looking forward to your enlightening feedback, have a nice weekend!









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          Hi Flogo,


          The remote control firmware is uses the macro generated by the BLE component. Any change you make to the BLE component corresponding change is code will be required in ble.c file.


          For your case I would suggest to add a custom service with 5 chararistics


          1. For sending Mouse Report (Ex: Mouse Pointer movement)


          2. For sending Keyboard Report(Ex: Windows Key, Generated by Decoing Top To bottom gesture)


          3. For sending Multimedia Report(Ex: Vol+, Vol- etc)


          4. For Sending Audio  Data Report(All the audio data)


          5. For Sending Audio Control Data Report(All the audio Control data)


          Also the code need to be written in Ble_AppCallBack API and Ble_Send_Data API. 


          Sample example to use the custom service is available in link below 




          (Best Example will be PRoC_BLE_CapSense_Slider_LED for custom service)


          Few more examples available in 






          We are creating a custom service for sending audio data and should be available in 3 - 4 weeks from now. You can request for a demo through CRM case or Contact sales.