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    Swap PWM period


      I'm trying to do the layout in which the LED will glow with 2 different frequencies.
      I am using  function PWM_SetPeriodSwap () but it has no effect.

      How to turn PWM perio and period_buf?

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          You have to check off the swap capability and enter the swap values.










          Note you can do the switch in HW by enabling the switch input and feeding


          it with a switch signal.




          Regards, Dana

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            I want to use the API and by  software modify the parameters.




                CyGlobalIntEnable;  /* Uncomment this line to enable global interrupts. */

                    if(counter ==5)


            Why is this simple code does not work?

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              Two questions -




              1) Did you check the properties to allow the swap capability ?




              2) Can you set a breakpoint and hit it on the swap instruction ?


              Eg. are you getting into the if statement test on counter ?




              3) Where do you reset counter variable after doing swap, otherwise


              you will keep repeating the swap commands ?




              You also have to have the compare checked.












              Regards, Dana.