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    Using WICED SMART as a Proxmity Profile Peripheral

      I would like to use WICED SMART as a proximity profile peripheral. I can use the proximity plus example code provided as a starting point but I have the following questions:


      -- How is the Alert on Path Loss calculated in the proximity plus example?

      -- It the proximity plus example implementation relying on the proximity profile client to calculate the alert on path loss? If so, do you know of a client that I could use to test the proximity plus Alert on Path Loss service?

      -- For alert on path loss measurements, it is very useful to have RSSI and Round Trip Time. Is it possible to expose these values in the proximity plus example code?

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          Hello cjurdane,


          Sorry for the delay.  Are you using SDK 1.1 or SDK 2.0.1?


          A few comments:

          1. The hello_client app serves as a very good client app example and the RSSI is referenced here
            • 747: #ifdef HELLO_CLIENT_MIN_RSSI
          2. The hello_sensor app does have Android and iOS source code examples in the peerapps directory
            • WICED\WICED-Smart-SDK-2.0.1\WICED-Smart-SDK\Apps\hello_sensor\peerapps


          Let me dig a bit deeper for Path Loss and Round Trip time, as those are a bit more difficult to expose since they are normally displayed in sniffers.



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            Hello cjurdane,



            1. The Path loss alert is usually checked by phone/PC Client side.
            2. The BCM2073x peripheral can check RSSI by itself, but it is out of the proximity spec boundary.
            3. There is no API to check the "Round Trip" parameter
            4. The GATT server can use indication and check timing until confirmation is coming.


            Let me know if this answers your questions