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    buglet? PSoC Create Generate Project Datasheet

      I searched the forum and haven't seen mention of this ....


      While cleaning up a lot of components and projects in preparation for release of a new component library I was using a Project Datasheet generated for a project to setup a clean room new project.


      Imagine my chagrin when setting the pin assignments for D-/D+ to see the pin numbers and descriptions apparently reversed in the project datasheet. This was on Creator 3.1 SP1, so I updated to SP2 and re-tested. Same results.


      Attached is a PDF with some screen snips from the PDFs that show where the Project Datasheet have D+/D- reversed vs. the Part Datasheet and the CYDRW for the working project (which are correct and work).


      No penalty. I don't think CYDRW will let you reverse them but when you tell someone to setup all the pins to match the Project Datasheet you have provided it will leave a bit of confusion.