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    is BlueTooth link Correct Solution for this ...




      My question will be:


      Will Blue Tooth Link will be the correct solution for the following application?




      One Common receiver in a room of approximate 30 x 30 Ft. size.


      There will be approximate 60 Nos. Transmitter in the room.


      Each transmitter will have 4 buttons on them without any other external peripherals / LEDs etc.


      When any one of the 4 button is pressed, it should transmit the button number along with unique transmitter id to the common receiver, which receives the code and stores the button choice information for that transmitter.


      Possibility of simultaneous transmission by any of (or all of) 60 users should be taken care of.


      How to achieve robustness of detection of button choice among multiple transmitter to a common receiver.




      Additional wish list / specs.:


      Low power - long lasting battery life for each transmitter (CR2032 coin cell battery operation)


      Capsense button detection (saves on mechanical button costs)


      Common receiver connects to a PC on USB link - as a CDC serial device, for data transfer.


      Lowest cost for each transmitting device.




      Like to have ideas, suggestions towards implementing above application, suitability of BLE technology for the same. Failing which what kind of RF link solution may be used in the application. (IR optical link is not a preferred solution)