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    Endpoint buffers




      I would like to know the endpoints buffer for the FX3 card. I putted the FX2 endpoints buffer as an attached file to show what i am looking for.


      Thanks you

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          Madhu Lakshmipathy



          In FX3, the actual Buffering is not taken by EndPoint Memories, but by the DMA Buffers which are created in the firmware using the CyU3PDmaChannelCreate API. There you can specify the number of buffers and size of each buffers. (The total memory allocated for the buffers by default is around 224 KB and can be increased further if required.


          The EndPoint memories have no significance in FX3 unlike Fx2lp. The Endpoint memories do exist, but their only role is to fetch data to/from DMA Buffers.




          - Madhu Sudhan