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    Project #33 BLE RTC





      I am trying to get this code to work.


      It compiles and loads correctly.  


      I connect with phone and it disconnects like it's suppose to


      But when the button is pressed it says something like


      Monday 00:00:00 00:00:47


      It still counts up but does not work correctly 




      Hope its an easy fix

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          Consider posting your project -








          “File”                                                             Creator


          “Create Workspace Bundle”






          Regards, Dana.

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            Here is the files.


            I am new to coding/Bluetooth so sorry if its something easy.


            It the code from the 100 projects.






            Max Foster

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              I had the same issue with this 0:00:01 I am checking the PDF for answers and also if this only works on an Iphone.

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                I have tryed with 3 Android devices.


                I dont own any apple products so i cant really tell if it works right.






                Max Foster

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                  Well I have tried this program with both an Andriod and I phone and it doesn't work with either one.   I have also tried to compile this program with Psoc Creator 3.2 and it fails to compile.  Another question why was Profile custom selected over Profile time? It seems to me that Profile time should have been used.  I know that they are trying to make us think about how to use this device kit but we should have a starting place. 

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                    It seems that Android does not have the same RTC features as IOS.


                    might spend some time on google to see if theres a equivalent app.

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                      I also used an I-phone and it didn't work.  what app do you use with the I-phone? When an instruction app is written it should be very complete so there are no unanswered issues.

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                        Cant really tell you want app to use, maybe I sould open a case to ask?


                        I only have android, well i have a old apple phone but it does not even pick the kit up.

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                           The BLE CTS server is in-built in iOS and all the iOS devices supports this service by default. With an Android device, a custom app is required whic instantiates the CTS server,so if you use existing andriod app (CYSmart) this may not wok.


                          Following are the steps to see current timing information with RTC in IOS:


                          *Connect the BLE-Pioneer Kit Baseboard to Windows host machine using the USB cable.Open a terminal emulator such as Putty or Tera Term for the BLE-Pioneer Kit. The COM settings are: Baud rate – 115200 bps, Data bits – 8, Stop bits – 1, Parity – None.


                          *Reset the device (by pressing the Reset switch SW1 on BLE-Pioneer Kit Baseboard) to see the output shown in Figure 6 on the terminal. The device is advertising at this point and waiting to be connected with an iOS device.


                          *On the iPhone, navigate to the phone Settings, enable Bluetooth. 


                          *The BLE Pioneer Kit is listed as one of the devices nearby. Touch it to connect.


                          *Now you will see current time information displayed on the terminal.