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    add c libraries (#include <stdint.h> "stdint.h file not found")


       I'm working on a project for a mobile robot, and I use the accelerometer MPU-6050. I am basing in the project




      this project  uses a custom libraries (Madgwick.h, mpu6050.h) and custom functions (i2cFunctions.c, Madgwick.c, mpu6050.c) in wich they add <stdint.h> and <stdbool.h>  This project is made for Psoc4


      I'm tring to migrate this project to Psoc3 but it doesnt compile because it can't add the libraries <stdint.h>  <stdbool.h>  


      I made attemps to add another libraries like <time.h> , <math.h> or <stdio.h> and there is no problem.


      Any advice?