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    EEPROM Write Protect pin - active high or low?

      In the datasheet, it says pin 25 is "tied to the WP pin of the embedded EEPROM", but it doesn't say if it's active high or low.


      Most EEPROMs I've used are active high to enable Write Protect; just want to confirm this is the same for the BCM20732S? If WP is enabled, will this prevent uploading firmware to it via the HCI UART?





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          Hi Tyler,

            Yes Pin25/P1 is attached to the WC line of the M24512 EEPROM internal to the BCM20732S.  To ensure this pin is in a known state during a POR/RESET it is advised to attach this pin to a 10K pullup externally.  It is quite likely the BCM20732S may still operate fine without the external Pull-up but certainly to ensure this pin is always in a 'known' state during RESET/POR situations it is advised to have this attached to a pull-up.






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