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    PSOC 5LP interrupt and ADC

       Hi everyone
      I want to ask if I am able to trigger an interrupt when the output of ADC is greater than specific Value.

      Thanks all,

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          Not in the PSoC5 world, but with a PSoC4 you can trigger an interrupt when ADC is out of given limits.


          Alternatively you may use a comparator fed by a DAC to trigger an interrupt in PSoC5.





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            Depends on the resolution / accuracy of the trip point you need.


            VDAC is limited to 8 bits.




            The following methods only limited by A/D resolution and signal path


            errors like Vref accuracy and A/D offsets, non linearities....




            One approach would be DMA the A/D result to a register and use either


            LUTs or digital comparator to generate ISR. 




            Or use a timer / counter, dma to the count register, and use compare output and


            register to initiate an ISR.




            Or create a custom component.




            Regards, Dana.