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    Proc BLE powerd from CR2032




      we are working on a project based on PROC BLE family + sensor for developping a BLE devices. the board will be powered from a CR2032 coin cell. the board is for IoT application where the pcb should be the smallest thing.


      we are looking for a low cost solution and we need to know the need of a regulator  (low power dc/dc or LDO) to power the PROC chip.


      1-  can we power the PROC+sensor directly from CR2032 ? is there any issue on battery lifetime ? do you have a design where PROC powerd directly from battery ? is there any issue about battery lifetime ?


      2-  with coin cell, if using regulator is necessary to save battery lifetime, do you have a recommandation for PN or a design tested with batt+regulator+PROC ?




      thanks for help.