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    PSoC 4 BTLE Kit and SD Cards > 2gb



      I recently got the Cypress BTLE kit and have been doing research on working with a SD Card. It looks like all the examples are a bit old and none do over 2GB. Has this been resolved? Seems a bit dated to be working only with 2GB cards. It also seems the examples and libraries area all over the place. Is there a place where you can get all the libraries with the latest versions? If I use the Cypress for production I can't have 2GB limits.



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          Welcome in the forum!


          To get help directly from Cypress as this theme seems to require, best would be to create a "MyCase".


          On top of this page "Support & Community -> Technical support -> Create a MyCase". You will get answered by some Cypress engineers.





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             Thank you. That was my next course of action. 




            I read someone else contacted support and they said to you anohter controller. I want to keep my BOM/design simple as possible. I guess I could use a Attiny or something to handle the SD Card. I can't the Arduino library works with 4gb+ and not Cypress. My current designs with the Atmega32u4 works fine with 4gb. 




            I will submit a case now. Thanks.