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    guide selecting device

      Hello everyone,


      Greetings for the day...


      I'm newly switching to PSoC 4,


      My intent to do so is considering the Matrix button support @ my end, for keypad product;


      please suggest the best supported device for the same.


      I want standard 4x4 & also to various combinations for around 100 keys,


      suggest accordingly, waiting for quick n positive response.


      Thanks & Regards-



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          Hi all,


          I have searched the catalog & I have found that any of PSoC 4 family with more than 20 GPIO can be incorporated for the purpose.


          Before finalizing it, wanted to confirm it from the seniors & the experts. So please comment on my selection. Will it allow me to configure from 4x4 to 10x10 matrix keypad?




          Thanks & Regards-