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    If I want use PRoC BLE to make product, which learning way is good for Cypress starter ?

      I never have experience about Cypress, but I think PRoC BLE is future. 
      I have 3 year experiences on small 8-bit microcontroller. 

      But now, I find out a problem... 
      Becauase the concept of PSoC is very new for me and PRoC BLE sample is not enough now.

      For example , I just want to control SPI / I2C / UART internal at the first.
      and send data to mobile by BLE GATT

      I think this problem is not hard for cypress old developer but hard for new comer .
      I want to make my own examples, and then I can create a product.
      After see the suggested videos, it's still not understand how to do. 

      Is there any training video series for new cypress developer
      who want to use PRoC BLE to make production ?  

      I also have one PSoC 4 BLE EVM and one Pioneer Kit,
      I ever try from PSoC 4 BLE but there are also many question
      Can anyone share experience about which learning way is good for new developer ?



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          Welcome in the forum and in the fascinating world of PSoCs!


          I admit, the theme "PSoC" is a comparably complex one. Solving problems with a combination of hardware and software in a single chip may irritate in the beginning. To suggest which way is "best", to optimize a project to the needs is a difficult job. But on the other hand the PSoCs help you and fit to your personal capabilities: You are a "Hardware-Crack"? Then you will be solving as much as possibe by using hardware solutions. You're a "Software-Guy"? Then you will sove most of the problems using C-language, interrupts and a lot of software-techniques. You are something in-between? Well, find your own personal  mixture.


          To start right off, I would suggest you to use some different ways: Use your Pioneer Kit as a starter and look at your BLE development kit as a second Pioneer with the additional capabilities of BLE.


          Get hands on the videos for PSoC and learn how to use Creator and read the datasheets of the components of interest.


          Try out the example projects and when you are "fit" in PSoC4 start with the BLE-part. Try out the BLE examples.




          Happy coding



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             No, Problem is not here. 

            It's look like that there will be a new pioneer kit for PRoC BLE in future.


            I find out that why I am hard to use is because the confuse of EVAL Board pins.

            In document, 
            Figure 20. CYBLE-022001-EVAL Board Pinout show  P1_3.
            Maybe it is NC or another pin but not P1_3  because there is no pin for P1_3.
            (I guess document need to renew about it)

            After understanding what EVAL Board pin out do,
            you will find out that almost pin on pioneer kit cannot be used.


            This is why new user cannot detect so much signal on pioneer kit.




            Ok, because your are developer and almost pin cannot be used  
            if you want to try the basic interface about SCB (SPI / I2C / UART).


            My suggestion is that the only choice for developer is to use 

            P5_1 ( SCLK / SCL / TX )
            P5_0 ( SS / SDA / RX ) 
            P1_4 ( MOSI / SCL / RX)
            P1_5 ( MISO / SCL / TX )

            If you have some arduino developer experience , there is no oscilloscope near you 
            and you don't want to make some hard work on hardware,
            I think all you need to do is connect these four pin. 

            P5_1 & P5_0 is put on EVAL Board  ( I guess these two pin is idea from engineer of cypress)
            P1_4 & P1_5 is put on pioneer kit. 

            Use the four pin, you can make experiment for SPI / UART / I2C. 
            In this situation, almost new developer on Cypress can start on these four pin and evaluate this solution.

            Because the information on Cypress not  clear for new developer,
            so I share this important information here. 

            Wish another new developer can use the powerful tool and learn fast.  :D