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    Having trouble getting emfile example working...



      I am using the included emfile example project in order to interface with a micro SD card.  I am using a micro SD interface board.  I have set up the libraries and whatnot according to the provided instructions, connected the card board pins to the correct pins, etc. and I am having trouble getting the example project to work.  I have used both a 2GB microSD card, and an 8 GB microSDHC card.  In either case, the LCD just shows that it could not format the card, write the directory, write the files, etc.  Now, the 2GB card also is not readable on my PC, so I'm guessing that that is faulty.  However, the 8GB *did* work on my PC, and it was still giving me the same errors.  I probed the lines with a logic analyzer, and there seems to be activity on all the data lines.


      Am I missing something?  Is there anything else I need to do to get this set up?  Does it perhaps not support SDHC cards?