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    Forum search?


      None of my brosers whos the capability to search the forums by keyword, or select threads started by me (for example).  Why not?

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          Don't know and I hate to guess.


          ie needs "compatibility mode" switched on


          chrome was expected to work as-it-is


          Firefox I just use right now, no flaws.


          Keyword search at top of this page works


          Clicking on a member's name brings up all the posts he/she made.





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            Thanks, Bob:


            Sorry for the double post.  Before my broswer refreshed I corrected the spelling and hit "post" again.  When it refreshed there were two posts.  Unfortunately (1) the forum server is dog slow ;  (2) there's no way for me to delete my posts as in just about every other forum on the Web ; (3) I'm not the most accurate typist.


            I am wondering whether you mean to use the "Keyword Search" at the top of the page to search forums.  That returns EVERYTHING on Cypress,com that matches the keywords, I have to sift through it to find forum posts.  I have tried other browsers, and have found no "Forum search" functionailty.  Am I missing something?

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              Well, since ~5 years we are complaining about this forum software and (do believe it, it is true) there have been some enhancements recently. We are now able to EDIT a post which wasn't possible before...


              There is no "Forum Search", so you haven't missed anything as far as the capabilities of the software is concerned.


              Keep calm, touch your index-fingers with your thumbs and say smoothly "Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"





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                INTERSTING!  I didn't have the edit post button for my original post (and still don't), but it shows up for the first reply (and I wonder whether it will for this one too).


                Thanks again, Bob.








                PS:  Yes, it does show up for replies, but not the original post.  But it's a feature and not a bug. 


                I have to use the forums anyway, so the rewards are welcome.  But it seems like Cypress might get better results by just using the forum software that everyone else seems to use (phpBB).  And that software is a lot faster to respond, and has the features this forum needs.  I'll ask the web team about it.

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                  Do you really think that you are the first to suggest Cypress to use a different SW. ?




                  I remember some teleconferences and discussions with Presidents in Nuremberg, but Cypress at the time focusses on their products and not on this forum.





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                    No, Bob, I don't think I am the first frustrated designer/programmer to suggest using different forum software.  I was just making an observation re: the rewards program cost/benefit.

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                      @cypro, I also confirm one cannot edit original post. Pretty strange stuff.




                      Makes on wonder how this enterprise SW got by vendors QC. Eg. cannot attach


                      much, even image posts browser sensitive and format sensitive. Getting to figure


                      out what works and does not a trial by fire.




                      Regards, Dana.

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                        You can do a forum search using Google (and even set it as a "custom search engine" using Chrome and probably other browsers as well):


                        site:http://www.cypress.com/forum <keywords>


                        for instance, I tried the following search and found this thread:


                        site:http://www.cypress.com/forum forum search