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    CY8CKIT-044 Blue LED

      I'm trying to spin up on PSoC (have been doing AVR), but I can't assign a  pin to P6[5], which is wired to the blue LED ("P6 cannot be used for routed connections"). Yet the sample project Touch Gestures has a pin attached to P6[5]. I can't see anything different in the configuration of the pin (e.g. Transparent mode). What do I need to do?

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          Strange behave! Can you post your complete project, so that we all can have a look at all of your settings? To do so, use
          Creator->File->Create Workspace Bundle (minimal)
          and attach the resulting file.


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             Yes. It's a Cypress-supplied project. The only change I made was to drag one of the LED pins onto the pin that drives the blue LED on the board.

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              Two things come togethere here: The routing capabilities in a PSoC4 are not as universal as in a PSoC5




              The fixed-function components use dedicated pins for I/O which in your case do not match with the pins the LEDs are connected to.


              That is a simple hardware-problem of the board, so if you are really in need, you will have to solve that externally or use a UDB-based PWM which will be routable to (nearly) any pin. Except port 6 which cannot be used for any routed connections.





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                Restrictions pn port 4 -








                There is no port 6 on a PSOC 4 -








                Regards, Dana.

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                   Thanks for the input. I believe the answers by both Bob and Dana point me in the right direction. The -044 Pioneer board has a CY8C4247AZI-M485, which is a 64-pin part that shows ports 0-7. The port 6 pins appear to be the voltage-tolerant pins that don't have the same routing capabilities as pins on other ports. I presume the reason the Cypress sample that drives the blue LED works is because it's being driven by a (UDB-based) PWM, whereas I tried to drive it from a flip-flop and an inverter.


                  I attempted to RT*M, but as a weekend hobbyist it's hard to find the time to plow through hundreds of pages of documentation to figure out this kind of stuff, especially when the board I'm using is new enough that there isn't much community knowledge about it. I'm accustomed to doing web searches for arcane AVR and Arduino info and finding results. Searching for "PSOC 4 port 6"? Not so much. So the advice from you folks in the community is invaluable. Thanks again!


                  It's a bit weird that the Cypress folks would wire the blue LED to a port 6 pin given that isn't generally re-routable. I'm curious why this was done; it might shed additional insight into the internals of the part. Nonetheless, it's a cool kit for people like me who learned digital design years ago (as in 40) but have been ended "on the dark side" doing nothing but software development.

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                    You may connect PWM's "line_n" to port6[5] as long as you leave open PWM's "line" or connect it to port6[4]. These pins are dedicated for TCPWM #6.





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                      Even, I'm interested in knowing the same. Why has the blue LED been fixed logic wired, while the other two LEDs are re-routable ?