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    Digital Microphone w/ PSoC 4

      Trying to interface digital mic with PSoC 4 and send decibel level to UART. The datasheet and examples are not geared to the PSoC 4 - i.e. no rx/tx DMA etc.


      Video and datasheet www.cypress.com/


      Example project but w/ PSoC 5LP www.element14.com/community/thread/28830/l/psoc-4-pioneer-kit-community-project102-usb-audio-using-the-psoc-5lp


      I have available both a PDM mic as well as an i2c mic store.invensense.com/datasheets/invensense/INMP441.pdf and can use either.  Just assuming the i2s mic will be easier?


      One issue seems to be the clock - max audio sampling in the i2c - PSoC 4 seems to be 96kHZ while microphone min. is .5 MHz. Seems like this can't be right or I am missing something?


      Any similar projects or guidance on the clock issue (or other thoughts) are much appreciated.