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    68013a: how to download bix file to ram



         I need to download firmware for 68013a in my software, but I don't want to parse the hex format file, so i tried to download another format firmware.


         I used the Download button on EZ-USB Interface software panel to download a hex format firmware to 68013a, I notice that I also can choose .bix format file when I select a firmware file, so I used the hex2bix.exe and try to convert a hex file to a bix file, such as : hex2bix -i -o bulkloop.bix bulkloop.bix; and it shows the successing information, but when i download the bix file to 68013, I did not see the expect result, and 68013 does not renum.


        Did i catch the wrong meaning of the bix file download? If I can only download hex file, so how to parse hex file in my software? especially the address convertion.