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    Which is good way to to make my owned template project when there is no suitable template



      Because I am developing CYBLE-022001-00 for product now and 


      I find out that there are many template project in PSoC 4 BLE.

      Use tempalte project can develop very fast because I just need to choice what template I need and use it. 
      Then I just need to write some code and I can complish my project.

      But in another view, make template is look like very hard for new  devleoper of PSoC Creator.
      It's very hard to make owned template for me

      Does anyone have the experience to make your own tempalte project before ? 
      Which is the efficient way to make your owned template ?

      I think I need read spec for each world  and then I can refer PSoC 4 BLE template. 
      Try to make the same thing in CYBLE-022001-00. 

      I don't know whether it a good way. 

      Can any cypress expert suggest me how to make my owned template project ? 

      I want to make the template projects about
      I2C Bus (control in local, not controlled by BLE ), SPI Bus(control in local , not controlled by BLE ) and PWM
      for CYBLE-022001-00

      Can anyone suggest me how to make it ?

      Thanks a lot