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    SROM doesn't seem to be responding

       Hello All,




      I'm trying to use a CY8CKIT-050 to read a hex file from an SD card and flash a PSOC4. I can read from the SD card and push text to the LCD screen that comes with the kit so I know that part is working. I can Aquire the device, verify the silicon ID and kind of erase the flash. 


      An error occurs just  after "Write_IO (CPUSS_SYSREQ, SROM_SYSREQ_BIT | SROM_CMD_ERASE_ALL);",


      When I read from the SROM, I get a checksum zero fault returned.


      Continuing the oddness, after running to this point if I power cycle my PSOC 5, my code times out trying to verify the silicon ID. Specifically it times out trying to read the SROM after doing "Write_IO (CPUSS_SYSREQ, SROM_SYSREQ_BIT | SROM_CMD_GET_SILICON_ID);"


      If I check my PSOC4 using the MiniProg3, I can read the silicon ID using PSOC Programmer 3.22.0. I can also see that the flash has been set to 0s. 


      I tried powering my PSOC4 off of the PSOC5 kit and a power supply (tried 3.3V-5.5V, supply  rated @ 28A ) with the results being the same.




      Anyone have an idea or a gut feeling to start from? I appreciate the help.