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    Can UART be used in this device ??



      I am interested in this product...




      The board contains this mcu http://www.cypress.com/?mpn=CY8C5888LTI-LP097. I see from the table that it does not have dedicated UART, does this mean the device cannot be used for serial communication ?? (ie: does not have a UART port ??)


      Also what about software UART in PSOC creator ?? Can this be used instead ?? how does it compare with hardware UART ??


      I am using the cy8ckit-049-42xx currently, this has several UARTs....


      Please also could anyone suggest a low cost dev. board that has USB host feature ?? I would like to develop a USB pen drive reader application for my project.





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          The PSoC5LP has generally spoken "lots of" UARTS. There is one interface on the board itself where you can connect the snap-off KitProgrammer with an UART from the prototype board directly. Then the data gets sent/received via the USB interface to the PC into an windows-emulated COM-. port. There you may connect HyperTerm or PuTTY to. Easiest approach. This makes a "Hello world" to a 5minute job and has the opportunity to display human readable formatted data on a screen.


          Any other UART communication with a PC requires at least a level-shifter to get RS232-conformant signals of +-12V.


          All development for PSoC3/4/4BLE and 5 is done best using the (free) Cypress Creator 3.2 IDE.


          For professional development I would suggest using a CY8CKIT-050 for the development stage or proof-of-concept and the CY8CKIT-059 for building a prototype.


          For the first series you might need a MiniProg 3 as programmer although the KitProg (part of the -059) may be used.




          I am not good in USB hosts, but I would suggest you to use a FX3 chip from Cypress.





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            Hi arbj,




            in addition to Bob's answer: You can have many UART ports, and those would be implemented in hardware. The reason why there are no dedicated ports is because of how PSoC works. The controller itself is bundled with some small programmable logic gates, and those gates can be used to create UARTs.


            The only thing to keep track of is that some ports have special functions for some interface standards (e.g. hot swapping capabilities), but this affects only PCB layout.









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              Thanks Ralf and Bob, its the best answer I got so far...also the best description of how to the PSOC system works...


              I am using the same method you mentioned for USB connection..and I got it working in just 10 minutes..


              I will buy the prototype kit as I dont need so many other components