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    SQI component?

      has anybody worked up an SQI component. there are many memory and i/o chips that now support the 4 bit style of SQI. they quote much higher throughput, almost as good as a parallel bus speed but so much cleaner.


      setting out to start developing one ... will keep progress advised.


      btw: i don't know how much to say i love the PSoC way. we are just finishing up a new design with a Spansion (kept it in the family) FM3 chip with dual Ethernet plus a third one as an external controller but HATE the lack of 5V/3.3V mixed i/o and reassigning pins to be where i want them, not where they decided it. even swapping CS_, SCLK, MISO, MOSI around on 4 pins to be in the order that makes for traces with NO vias to rearrange on the way to the SPI slave has spoiled me SO much!!


      And here is another example: FM3 doesn't support SQI but i can, hopefully, make my lowly PSoC do it!!