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    Fudging Creator to work with other M3 chips

      I love creator.




      working on other M3 chips I would rather not switch to their (sometimes expensive) development tools.




      has anybody worked with fudging/fooling creator to work with a different chip? i would, in essence be throwing away any results of the CYDWR object but could still use the design schematic to implement software API only (no hardware components). custom API only components could then provide easy to drag on drivers for the hardware specific I/O using the parameteriztion tools for components.




      main trick, i believe, is to modify the CyBoot component that is included automagically in every product behind the scenes. it includes the arm required files, the cypress required files, etc.




      anyway, i'm going to give it a whack in a clean-room virtual machine with Creator 3.2 to see if i can get it to at least compile and link a simple 'hello world' LED blinker on my Spansion FM3.




      this would be a GREAT thing for Cypress/Spansion to consider ....