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      In the TRM, it mentions that one can access the FX3 internal MMIO space by use of three registers, PP_MMIO_ADDR, PP_MMIO_DATA, and PP_MMIO (which is a control register).  However, I cannot create the behavior that is outlined in the TRM.  Here's my code:



      ... #include "pib_regs.h" ...     for (curAddr = firstAddr; curAddr < lastAddr; curAddr += 4)     {         PIB->pp_mmio_addr = curAddr;         while ((PIB->pp_mmio & CY_U3P_PIB_MMIO_BUSY) > 0);         PIB->pp_mmio |= CY_U3P_PIB_MMIO_RD;         while ((PIB->pp_mmio & CY_U3P_PIB_MMIO_BUSY) > 0);         buffer[i] = PIB->pp_mmio_data;         i += 4;     } ... 

      If I place debug prints into the code, I see that all of the MMIO registers are always 0 (address, control, and data).  If I query PIB->config, I can see that the PP_MMIO protocol is enabled.  Does anybody know how this is supposed to work and why my code above does not perform as expected?



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          The Did you monitor the 30th bit of PIB->gpif_config? This is where you monitor whether PP mode is enabled or not. You have mentioned in your post that you looked at PIB->config.


          Please confirm.





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            I had not been checking the value of that register, but I changed its value to one and I still see the same behavior.





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              Hi Madhu,


              I'm facing the same problem and would like a fix for this. Although I am able to program the PP_MMIO_ADDR register, but whenever I want to do I R/W, I'm unable to change the PP_MMIO register to actually perform the R/W.  I always read 0.


              My register value for PIB_CONFIG is 0xC8000000.

              My register value for GPIF_CONFIG is 0xC0000A12.


              Please note that I'm trying to access the MMIO space from an external processor via the p-port. Is there a special way to do this ?