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    Garbage byte on first spi rx after power up

              Hi, I have the PSoC 3 set up as an SPI slave communicating with another microcontroller. Right now I am just working on getting basic comms going, so I have the master sending 1 byte of data over and over every second. I print the values that are received by the PSoC over the serial wire viewer. The byte I send across seems to come across fine once it gets going, or if I stop and then start the master again without removing power. But if I remove power from the master and slave, I am always reading 0x73 as the first byte, all the other bytes that come through are OK. I have tried several different bytes to send, all have 0x73 as the first byte. Has anyone seen anything like this before? Is there some initialization I am missing on my PSoC? Code below. Thanks SPIS_Start(); while(1) { rxData = 0x01; if(SPIS_GetRxBufferSize() != 0) { rxData = SPIS_ReadRxData(); printf("0x%x\r\n", rxData); } }