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    Creator 3.1 SP3


      There is a new update for Creator 3.1 which corrects some errors in components. Very useful.




      But one question remains: How can I get the update into Creator 3.2 early access?





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          Hello Bob,




          PSoC Creator 3.1 and 3.2 can co-exist in the same machine.
          So, you need to install Creator 3.2 seperately.




          PSoC 4 M is supported in Creator 3.2 and if you are using PSoC 4 M, you can install 3.2.





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            I am using 4 PWMs (UDB) in a CY8C4245project. As usual (for me) I tryout the early access versions. There was a fitter error in previous component version which has been corrected in SP3.




            How can I use the updated component(s) in Creator 3.2 (or do I have to abandon early access testing?)


            Do you plan a Creator 3.2 early access update?





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              Currently PSoC creator 3.1 SP3 has updated compoents compared to PSoC Creator 3.2.


              So, I would recommend you to use 3.1 SP3 if you not using PSoC 4 M.  I am not sure of the production release date of Creator 3.2.







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                For PSoC5LP,  debugger worked with 3.1 SP3 but now consistently crashes for me on 3.2


                Would like to retrograde but apparently the SP3 update is not available any longer.


                Also,  I have to use an older version of the PSoC programmer as the latest version cannot successfully program my target.


                This 3.2 release doesn't feel fully baked yet.

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                  Read the release notes carefully, there was a release that changed the default heap and stack


                  size, downward. Also check your debug settings.




                  Lastly there is a phone number on this page to get help (archived older versions


                  Creator) - www.cypress.com/




                  Regards, Dana.