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    Multiply and Accumulate (access the MACC in the DFB the easy way)

       Ladies and Gents!  May I introduce the hardware Multiply and Accumulate block!

      Gain access to the powerful 24x24 bit multiply and accumulate block inside the DFB!  This component transforms the DFB into an easy to use DSP processing engine for FIR filters, IIR filters, PID controllers, convolution, correlation, you name it!  This pure hardware block will crunch through massive arrays of data and produce results while your CPU twiddles its thumbs!

      Hardware 24x24 bit multiplier with 47 bit accumulator (top 24 bits passed out)


      Q23 fixed point input and output (with conversion functions and conversion calculator built in to the customizer)


      Zero CPU required for processing massive blocks of data


      Simple, easy to use API and interface


      18 cycles per multiply and accumulate (includes DMA transfer time for getting data into the MACC)


      process blocks of data up to 1023 elements = sum(An*Bn, n=0:1023) (limited by DMA transfer size)

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